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Pigmalion Artist Residency, Serbia

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

I just finished up a residency at Pigmalion Art Colony in Serbia, and I am so happy to have been included. A huge thank you to Reinhard Schmid for selecting me as an artist for this year and arranging everything (to be the first American invited is an honor!), and to Gorazd Cuk for the opportunity & generous hospitality. Gorazd is a true patron of the arts, and his efforts to foster the careers of painters in Serbia and abroad are unparalleled. This was a lovely week and a half of painting in one of the most beautiful locations I've ever visited, with unmatched accommodations in a house and studio made specifically for these creative gatherings. I got to know a group of incredible international artists, and will cherish this experience! Myself and the four other included artists will be in a hardbound book, and exhibition of the works created for Pigmalion next year; I will share my painting and the show info closer to the opening date. View some pictures from Pigmalion below.

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